We love small businesses

Come small, come all.

Small businesses are our favorite businesses. 2 years and running, we’ve kept our company small, sharp, and profitable — on purpose. Because small is not less than. It’s greater than. It’s faster than. It’s friendlier than. It’s better than.

We’re for the Fortune 5,000,000

Most big software companies fight over the Fortune 500. The whales, the thousand-seat contracts, the enterprise deals.

They can have them.

Our favorite customers are the Fortune 5,000,000. The small and medium-sized businesses of the world, the individual freelancers, the creative shops that do the best work, not the most work.

Have 3 employees? We’d be honored to have you as a customer. Just you on your own? We’re here for you. 43 folks and growing? That’s what we call Small and Tall — fantastic, come on in.

Small is not less than. It’s greater than. It’s faster than. It’s friendlier than. It’s closer than. It’s better than.

Tools and lessons from the small business trenches

You don’t get to lose money like the bigger companies. Instead, you have to make it work. That means doing the great work that small organizations must do to survive, thrive, and stand out. ROIstars can absolutely help you with that. Our business is better because it runs on ROIstars, and we’re confident yours can be too.

With our new pricing, it’s time to give ROIstars another look. A thoroughly innovative product paired with a unique perspective, outstanding customer service, and unbeatable value — the best combo in the business.

Not to mention ROIstars can simplify your operations, and reduce your costs, by replacing an agency or a performance marketing team.

We’re in your corner

Finally, we answer to no one but you and us. We don’t have investors (intentionally), we don’t have a board of directors (intentionally), we’re never going public (intentionally).

We don’t have to juice numbers to move stock prices, push upsells on you to hit revenue targets, or manipulate valuations to make venture capitalists even richer. We’re an independent, self-sufficient company focused on making great stuff for our customers — just like you are. Stable and reliable, 2 years and running.

Buying ROIstars is investing in yourself, your team, and your company. You in the foreground, us in the background — together we’ll show them what small can do.

Let’s join up.

Thanks for reading, and for ROIstars a try. You can always contact me directly if you have any questions at deepak@roistars.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


Founder @ROIstars